Welcome to Nobel Prize Museum with your school class.


All ages

School tour, 600 SEK

If you have a limited amount of time we offer a short tour for pupils at all ages. We present Alfred Nobel and the history of the Nobel Prize and the latest laureates.


Primary school

Alfred Nobel and the Nobel Prize, 60 min, 600 SEK

A school program for age 6–9 about Alfred Nobel, the Nobel Prizes and research.


Programs for secondary and high school

A Sustainable Future, 90 min, 700 SEK

What does a sustainable development mean? How does it affect me and how can the school contribute? And how does it connect to the Nobel Prize?

Creativity, 90 min, 700 SEK

The program Creativity makes the pupils reflect over what creativity is, in famous authors, peace friends and scientists, but also in themselves.


On-your-own material

Please register your class to bokning.nobelprizemuseum@nobelprize.org. When you arrive it’s free admission for everyone below 18 and also the accompanying teacher. Give us your name and contact number so that we can reach you in case of emergency. If you want an introduction you may ask the entrance staff. If we are available we can give you a short introduction to the museum, free of course! There is material for download right below to help you discover the museum on your own.


On-your-own material