Nobel Prize Lessons

The Nobel Prize Lessons is a free lesson material about the Nobel Prize. The material consists of one lesson about Alfred Nobel and the Nobel Prize. 24 hours after each Nobel Prize announcement, there will be a Nobel Prize Lesson published that explains the prize.

Every lesson contains a slideshow with a teacher's manuscript, a student worksheet, a short film and a teacher's guide. The target group for the Nobel Prize Lessons are pupils around 13 years old but the material can be adjusted to fit different age groups. Estimated duration is approximately 45 minutes. Nobel Prize Lessons are reliable and so easy to use, that a teacher can look through the guide, watch the slides, print the worksheet for students and then start the class. The material is based on well established sources, and point to further reading from the prize-awarding institutions. With the Nobel Prize Lessons you can easily conduct a high quality lesson about the Nobel Prize!