“Nobel Prize Lessons” consist of six different lesson packages – one for each prize –published within 24 hours after that particular prize has been announced. The objective is to enable teachers to use the material directly with their pupils. Each Nobel Prize Lesson package includes a slide show with a speaker’s manuscript for the teacher, a text for the pupils including questions and a simple teacher’s guide.

Many teachers are looking for good educational materials about the Nobel Prize. We have noted that it may be difficult for each individual teacher to develop a lesson in a short period of time. So we believe the material we are now producing will be widely used in schools around the world,

says Annika Hedås Falk, Head of Educational Programmes for the Nobel Center.

The material is based on well-reported sources and also refers readers to more detailed information from the prize-awarding institutions. The main target group for Nobel Prize Lessons is lower secondary school pupils (aged 13-15), but with minor adjustments or supplementary material it can also be used for upper secondary levels (aged 16-18) and for pupils in the last three years of primary schools (aged 10-12). The material is being published in both Swedish and English. It will be freely available as part of the Nobel Center’s new programme for schools and teachers, the Nobel Education Network.

The material can be found here.

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Annika Hedås Falk, Head of Educational Programme, Nobel Center
annika.hedas-falk (at) nobelcenter.se, +46 76 12 408 14

Rebecka Oxelström, Head of Communications, Nobel Center

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