Since Alfred Nobel wrote his will in 1895, science, humanism and peace efforts have led to new discoveries that no one previously thought possible. By supporting the activities of the Nobel Center, Elekta is showing a clear social commitment to outreach activities created on the basis of the achievements for which the Nobel Laureates are honoured,” says Dr Lars Heikensten, Executive Director of the Nobel Foundation.

Elekta CEO, Richard Hausmann, adds: “We are proud to partner with the Nobel Center, part of the renowned Nobel Foundation. Their aim to make a lasting contribution toward humanity is closely aligned with Elekta’s own ambitions. Both organizations represent a strong Swedish tradition of innovation and doing good for humanity. It is a privilege for Elekta to support the Nobel Center’s commitment to research, science and knowledge. Elekta welcomes the opportunity to further education and discovery through the public seminars, lectures and discussions featuring Nobel Laureates and other researchers organized by the Nobel Center.

To show what the Nobel Center will mean for Stockholm, Sweden and the world, today the Nobel Center is already inviting the public to activities. For example, during 2018 the Center will continue its partnership with the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm to present a series of “performance lectures”, the first one about robots. The general public will be invited to seminars and after-work sessions featuring prominent lecturers, and there are plans for a full-evening programme for those wanting an opportunity to learn more about the 2018 Nobel Prizes, which will be announced in October. Last year’s highly acclaimed teacher conference featuring Nobel Laureates, experts and teachers from all over the world will be followed up by conferences in Goa, India, and in Stockholm. The Nobel Center will also further refine its digital teaching materials about the Nobel Prizes, which were used worldwide in 2017 − a good resource for teachers who quickly want to explain to their pupils what discoveries and works have been rewarded with the Nobel Prize.

How the Nobel Center’s activities will be funded

The activities at the Nobel Center will be funded via ticket revenues as well as Swedish central and local government grants, but also via partnerships with a number of organisations that see the advantages of the activities that are now emerging.

Elekta, a company that aims to improve, prolong and even save patient lives, has now become the first company in a new group of partners that will contribute funding to the activities of the Nobel Center.

In November 2016, the Swedish government and the City of Stockholm announced that they will provide a total of SEK 180 million to support the operations of the Nobel Center during its first three years.

The construction of the Nobel Center building is being financed via donations from several foundations, companies and private individuals. More than SEK 1.1 billion has already been raised for this purpose.

About the Nobel Center

The Nobel Center on the Blasieholmen peninsula of central Stockholm will build its public activities around exhibitions, school programmes, meetings and lectures about the Nobel Prize’s unique combination of subject areas – natural sciences, literature and peace. Based on the inspiring stories of the Nobel Laureates, the Nobel Center will be able to examine history as well as our own era and the major issues that are crucial to our world and our future. The elegant, timeless and attractive building was designed by David Chipperfield and Christoph Felger, who were selected in April 2014 by a unanimous jury as the winners of the Nobel Center’s international architectural competition.

For further information

Rebecka Oxelström, Head of Communication, Nobel Center, +46 734 12 66 75