Covid-19 – Steps taken for a safer visit

Please keep a 2 meter distance

Wash your hands

Visit us only if you feel well

The Nobel Prize Museum complies with the recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden with routines:

• Surfaces in the museum are wiped off every day.
• Hand sanitiser is available at all pay desks and basins.
• We have removed tables and decreased the number of seats in our bistro.
• We are only accepting payment by card.
• We are not lending out audio guides. Instead, listen online on your smartphone.
• We have removed soft toys and pillows from the children’s play room.
• Groups are welcome together with a guide.
• The size of the group must allow for other visitors to keep a two meter distance to the group. Our entrance staff will assess the size of the group, taking into account the number of other visitors in the museum at the time.

Our staff is here for you – please ask us questions!