To reach the global goals everyone has to step up; politicians, institutions, companies, organisations. On 25 September 2015 UN’s member states accepted Agenda 2030, a universal agenda holding the Sustainable Development Goals.

What does the Nobel Prize and the Nobel Laureates have to do with the global goals? If you look at what the laureates have been rewarded for a little over a 100 years during which period the Nobel Prize has been given out, we find a lot of connections to sustainability within all the prize categories.

During Green Week we offer daily special tours at 14.15 (in Swedish) focusing on Nobel Laureates who have worked for sustainability in different ways. We also present several talk abouts presenting these types of prizes and laureates (in English), during the weekend 30–31 March at 17.15, on Friday 5 April at 18.15 and on Saturday 6 April at 17.15.

On 26 March we present a run-up to Green Week with a science panel led by Fritte Fritzson, about future possibilities and the role of the science (in Swedish).


Sustainable after work

On Fridays 29 March and 5 April, we arrange a sustainable after work with free admission between 17–20, where we talk about transition and offer discussion material of the global goals. Happy hour 17–18.

On 29 March you can combine after work with listening to a lecture by Alasdair Skelton, professor in geochemistry and petrology, and who is also the co-director for the Bolin Centre for Climate Research at Stockholm University. Skelton is a geologist who does research on natural disasters, e.g. earthquakes, tsunamis and climate change from a geological perspective. Also participating is Karolina Sandahl from Globala skolan (The Global School). Together they will inspire a transformation from thoughts and passiveness into action and engagement.

You will also meet Maja Neiman from The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences who will talk about a free international innovation competition for youths 13–18 years who jointly will take on sustainability challenges to improve the world.

The evening is welcoming both the public and teachers.

On the after work 5 April there will be, besides eco-beer and discussion material of the global goals, live music with the band Strethult who plays green music with long sustainability. Are you experiencing stress over climate development and wants to express your thoughts with others, visit one of the nights!

In connection with our two after work evenings, you can also hand in clothes to the clothing swap day 6 April (read further down below).


Family workshop

Saturday 30 March and Friday 5 April the whole family is welcome to a workshop where you can make your own grow pot made out of recycled papers. Plant peas, bring them home and enjoy yummy pea shoots on your sandwich! You find us up in the museum, follow the signs. Drop in 13–16.


Veggie lunch

Bistro Nobel is cooking up a vegetarian buffé with dishes made upon season and with ecological substances. The veggie lunch includes a free sustainability tour (held daily at 14.15 – in Swedish).


The shop is offering a 20 % discount on products connected to the theme.


Clothing swap day

6 April we arrange a clothing swap day, as part of the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation’s national clothing swap day. Want to participate? Come leave your clean clothes in the museum on 29 March or 5 April at 17–19 and change to new treasures for your wardrobe. Max 10 pieces/pp. Please e-mail us if you want to come at another time.



26 March – Run-up with science panel

29 March – 6 April – Sustainability tours at 14.15 (in Swedish)

29 March – After work with eco-beer, global-goals-discussions and lecture

30 March – Talk about Nobel Prizes connected to sustainability at 17.15.

30 March – Family workshop, build your own growing pot

31 March – Talk about Nobel Prizes connected to sustainability at 17.15.

5 April – After work with eco-beer, global-goals-discussions and live band

5 April – Talk about Nobel Prizes connected to sustainability at 18.15.

6 April – Talk about Nobel Prizes connected to sustainability at 17.15.

6 April – Family workshop, build your own growing pot

6 April – Clothing swap day


Veggie lunch is served 29 March and 2–5 April.