The Nobel Prize is surrounded by a network of organisations and institutions with different tasks related to the prize. These include a number of externally funded entities whose main task is to disseminate information and knowledge about the Nobel Prize and – based on the stories of the Nobel Laureates – engage and inspire people worldwide. The Alfred Nobel Memorial Foundation has an overall function as the umbrella organisation for the following entities: Nobelmuseet AB (the Nobel Museum), Nobel Media AB, Nobelhuset AB and the Nobel Center Foundation.

The Nobel Museum in Stockholm was opened in 2001, in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of the Nobel Prize. It is temporarily housed in Börshuset (the Old Stock Exchange) on Stortorget square in Gamla Stan (the Old Town), while awaiting the completion of permanent premises for Nobel Prize-related public activities. The mission of the Nobel Museum is to safeguard the position of the Nobel Prize in the long term by conducting museum, informational, research and other activities connected to the prize. The Nobel Museum’s activities include exhibitions, school programmes, travelling exhibitions and a research library.

A number of locations around the city were studied before the Nobel Foundation and the City of Stockholm in September 2011 jointly proposed the Blasieholmen peninsula in central Stockholm as the best location for a building to accommodate a broad range of public activities associated with the Nobel Prize.

In 2012, the limited liability company Nobelhuset AB was established for the purpose of creating a Nobel Center – a building for cultural and scientific activities on the Blasieholmen peninsula in Stockholm. The objective of the company is to plan, construct, own, manage and develop the Nobel Center and to carry out related activities.

Through a large private donation from the Erling-Persson Family Foundation and the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, which was announced in June 2013, most of the funding for the project has been secured.

The task of developing the activities in the Nobel Center is being conducted by the Nobel Foundation, the Nobel Center Foundation, Nobelmuseet AB and Nobel Media AB. This is a matter of further specifying the exact design of everything, ranging from exhibitions, school programmes, meetings and scientific activities to the ambitions of the Center’s new restaurants.
Meanwhile Nobelhuset AB is continuing its work on local programmes, pre-construction design and planning for the building, helped by several highly qualified partners: primarily the design architects at David Chipperfield Architects Berlin and AIX Architects, the local partner in the project.